We are excited to announce the launch of our new Arx Breach Insight Scanner!

What is it?

Email account information obtained from data breaches is often exposed on the internet. Our tool performs thorough scans of all sites, including the dark web, to ascertain whether any of your company’s email accounts have been compromised. The Scan will meticulously search for both breached and exposed email accounts.

  • Breached – Email and password shared online
  • Exposed – Emails posted on sites used for spam/phishing¬†

Why is it important?

Breached accounts present a substantial risk to companies, as they are sought after by cyber criminals for exploitation. Here are a few typical exploits that demonstrate the consequences of such breaches.

  • Compromised accounts may hold critical company information and intellectual property. Exposing such data can seriously endanger businesses, making them vulnerable to risks and threats.
  • By accessing emails, attackers can impersonate the user and send deceptive messages to colleagues, family, and friends to obtain sensitive information.
  • Emails can be a gateway to internal systems, making breached emails a potential key for attackers to gain unauthorised entry into company systems.

Exposed emails will leave the user at risk of receiving spam and phishing emails.


What is the Value?

By offering insights into potential risks to your company, it empowers you to take proactive measures to mitigate them effectively. It is imperative to promptly change passwords and keep a close watch for any signs of suspicious activity on compromised accounts. We highly recommend incorporating the use of a breach scanner as a regular practice to detect breaches early on, thereby reducing the chances of falling prey to a cyber attack.


New to Arx?

We are giving new users a 14-day free trial so you can get an immediate understanding of how secure you are from a cyber attack. To create an account, simply follow this link.