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Take control of your Cyber Risk Management

Become cyber secure, become part of ARX.

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of all breaches involve Human Error


of companies face Phishing Attacks


of companies report a 3rd Party Cyber Breach


The ARX platform protects you and your business from cyber events in real time

Traditional solutions for cyber security offer an 'every company for themselves' type approach. ARX is the first cyber security community-based platform that leverages strength in numbers. By linking together communities of cyber secure companies, each member adds another layer of defence to the alliance.

Arx takes the complexity out of cyber security by creating a custom pathway for every user to become more cyber secure. The Arx journey will ensure that you have the key security controls in place to protect your company and your stakeholders. At the same time, Arx provides complete situational awareness of your suppliers and supply chain to ensure that all companies within your network operate to a secure standard.

Internal Standards and Controls
Increase Cyber Security

Increase your cyber security

Embark on the Arx pathway to become more cyber secure

Situational awareness

Complete situational awerness

View supply chains down the n'th tier

Assess and Validate

Assess and validate

Send and receive custom questionnaires and assessments

Centralised Repository

A digital centralised repository

Store and share policies, standards, certificates and documentation

Digital assets

Digital asset inventory

Log and manage all your companies assets in one place

The new standard in cyber security

Consolidate your cyber risk management on one convenient platform

Monitoring and threat intelligence

Map, monitor and measure cyber risk across your entire supply chain. Receive live updates and alerts on potential vulnerabilities that could have an impact on your business operations. See threats coming through the supply chain to become more cyber proactive rather than reactive.

  • Visualise cyber risk
  • Monitor live cyber risk and compliance
  • Early warnings of potential attacks
  • Automatic scanning of your network
Monitoring and threat

Continuous assessments and analysis

The ARX platform provides up to the minute data on the cyber posture of you, your suppliers and your supply chain as a whole. By digitally mapping areas of risk and vulnerabilities, board members and management become more empowered and better equipped to make informed decisions on risk

  • Custom assessments and questionnaires
  • Internal and external environment monitoring
  • Compliance with standards and legislation
  • C-Suite visibility of risks and vulnerabilities

Compliance and Standards

New mandatory standards such as GDPR, NIS and Cyber Essentials are enforced with heavy fines for failure to comply. ARX monitors compliance across the supply chain enforcing standards and highlighting any potential areas of non-compliance. Organisations are able to set their own standards which they want their supply chain to adhere to. The platform will implement these standards throughout the supply chain highlighting any areas which fall short

  • GDPR
  • Cyber Essentials
  • ISO 27001
  • Your own dedicated standards
Standards and Compliance

Creating an alliance

By creating a community alliance, all companies within the ARX Alliance add and extract value. We're building a community where members work together to strengthen the weakest links and thereby increase overall resilience across the network.

  • 360 Degree visibility of cyber events
  • Cyber credibility amongst suppliers
  • Supply chain supplier transparency
  • Strategic collaboration to enhance resilience
Creating an alliance

Supplier advantages

  • Understand your cyber security on one easy-to-use platform
  • Improve your risk score with remediation advice and control suggestions
  • Complete assessments once and share with up-stream partners
  • Scan your asset to discover vulnerabilities
  • Reduce cyber spend and save admin time
  • Become part of a cyber secure network
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Enterprise advantages

  • Understand your supply chain on a digital map
  • See live risk scores of all suppliers and supply chains
  • Prioritise threats and vulnerabilities based on supplier dependency
  • Scan you assets to discover vulnerabilities
  • Remain compliant with industry standards and best practises
  • Quick and easy on-boarding process
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Take control of your cyber security