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Cyber security for your supply chain

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The threat of a cyber security breach is one of the biggest concerns for businesses today

Unlike other cyber security platforms, we work with your organisation to improve security at all levels of operation, not just at the last line of defence.

Is your company cyber compliant?

See how you measure up against the most important industry standards.

Tailor your approach to your specific sector with our customisable compliance tools.

How many suppliers are in your supply chain?

Consolidate and visualise all suppliers throughout your supply chains.

Understand which suppliers are most critical and their potential risk exposure.

How many assets does your company rely on?

Log, scan and monitor all the assets within your company.

Assign owners and set scheduled scans to ensure that all assets are water tight.

What vulnerabilities does your organisation face?

Manage risks within a customised risk register.

TLog risks and provide accompanying remediation solutions.

Did you know?

54% of CISO’s say they lack visibility for protection
Cyber breaches up 300% post-Covid-19
Only 2% of companies monitor in real-time

Why choose ARX?

Winning in the race to secure your company against cyber threats, boils down to early identification of risks and vulnerabilities.

The ARX Alliance platform is unique. Our approach is collaborative rather than prescriptive. We give you the tools and the framework to create robust, secure supply chains in a way that is effective, and cuts through the noise and jargon of a complex industry.

Over time, through a guided step-by-step process, we can help you identify and mitigate risks inside your own organisation, and collaborate with your suppliers to create robust, secure supply chain relationships.

ARX provides your company with a suite of tools

  • Visibility of the organisation’s attack surfaces
  • Efficient control of cyber policies and standards
  • Central place for managing standards and controls
  • Continuous monitoring of all touch points
  • Situational awareness for all tiers of supply chain
  • Risk scored suppliers to highlight weak links

Reduce your cyber spend and save time with one central repository

  • supplier and management


  • security and vulnerabilities


  •  remediation and actions


  • cyber policies

    Cyber Policies

  • compliance



ARX is a vitamin, not a painkiller and we believe that prevention is better than cure. Become proactive rather than reactive and provide your team with the tools they need to ensure your business stays one step ahead

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