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Decarbonising your supply chain

Understand and manage Scope 3 emissions, ESG governance and supply chain disruption events

Supply chains account for more than 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of the impact on air, land, water, biodiversity and geological resources.

Set and manage your scope 3 emissions targets. Govern internal and external supply chain ESG strategy and policy on one consolidated platform.

Challenges of scope 3 emissions

Scope 3 emissions often account for more than 70% of a company’s carbon footprint.

ARX allows your company to

Gain a multi-tier view of macro emissions across your supply chain

Create a digital twin of your supply chain to highlight and prioritise your supply chain around macro-emissions data.

See emissions on a macro scale to get an understanding of your supply chain effect.

Set, deploy and measure targets on third-party emissions

Set and document scope 3 standards, targets and policies in a single centralised repository.

Measure against targets on a regular basis to ensure your company is keeping track.

Audit suppliers to effect local behavioral change

Support improvement and behavioural change by collaborating with your suppliers to understand their emissions profile.

Get the information you need to make the right decisions on supply chain ESG impact.

Joining the ARX Alliance. As easy as 1, 2, done

Step 1


Use the ARX dashboard map to gain full situational awareness of your value chain. Overlay emission industry averages and hotspots to get a helicopter view of your GHG footprint

Step 2


Understand the scale of your emissions and filter to understand those suppliers that are having the greatest impact on your targets



Engage your supply chain, gain greater granularity of their emissions and policies. Deploy standards and support companies to share and improve their emissions footprint