hVIVO is an esteemed, rapidly expanding contract research organisation (CRO) that stands at the forefront of global excellence in conducting human challenge clinical trials for infectious and respiratory disease vaccines and antivirals. As the world leader in this vital field, hVIVO delivers comprehensive early clinical development solutions, catering to a diverse and esteemed clientele comprised of biopharmaceutical companies.


Paul Beshaw is the IT Operations Director at hVIVO:


“I am a great believer in IT being easy to use and non-disruptive to the end user.  It is essential that, for the doctors, nurses, and scientists around the organisation, they are not prevented from undertaking their work while using the IT systems and applications. Unfortunately, in an ever changing world, the risks of a cyber security event grow month by month. At hVIVO we want to ensure our suppliers take cyber security seriously and have a minimum level of understanding and protection in place.


“Arx has changed our approach to supply chain visibility and cyber risk management. By utilising the platform, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the cyber risks associated with each supplier, enabling us to make informed decisions and implement proactive measures. Arx’s mapping, monitoring, and measuring capabilities across our entire supply chain have become a valued tool for identifying vulnerabilities and addressing potential threats before they impact our critical business operations.


The community-based approach of Arx brings customers together and allows Arx to enhance the product. By linking together cyber secure companies, Arx establishes a collective defence mechanism where each member contributes to strengthening the alliance. This strategic collaboration and sharing of cyber intelligence have significantly enhanced our overall resilience.


“We now have a 360-degree visibility of cyber events and have witnessed improved cyber credibility amongst our suppliers. This transparency and secure environment for collaboration have fostered trust and further strengthened our relationships.”


“Arx’s user-friendly interface and customised pathway have made cybersecurity more accessible for our organisation. With its guidance, we have successfully implemented essential security controls, ensuring that our company and stakeholders are well-protected. The centralised repository has streamlined the storage and sharing of policies, standards, and certificates, promoting a cohesive cybersecurity framework throughout business operations.”


“Continuous assessments and analysis provided by Arx have empowered our QA and purchasing teams with up-to-the-minute data on the cyber posture of our suppliers and the entire supply chain, which is particularly critical for any organisation storing volunteer/patient safety and medical records. This situational awareness enables us to make proactive and informed decisions regarding risk management, keeping us one step ahead of potential cyber threats. In turn, this ensures the business continues to function unaffected by potential issues.”


Arx’s compliance monitoring capabilities have been instrumental in helping companies navigate industry standards and legislation. The platform ensures that new mandatory standards, such as GDPR, NIS, and Cyber Essentials, are effectively enforced throughout the supply chain.


“Arx allows us to set and implement our own standards, promptly identifying any areas of non-compliance. This feature has proven invaluable in maintaining a robust cyber security posture.”


“Overall, Arx has transformed our cybersecurity efforts within the Life Sciences sector. The platform’s comprehensive features, ranging from monitoring and threat intelligence to compliance enforcement and strategic collaboration, have equipped us with the necessary tools to protect our business and mitigate risks effectively. We wholeheartedly recommend Arx to any organisation seeking to enhance their cyber resilience and secure their supply chain.”


Paul Beshaw

IT Director