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Last year, a cyber attack was reported every 36 seconds. Over 65% of those cyber attacks came through supply chains. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the ways they attack and are increasingly exploiting companies throughout all tiers of the supply chain.

As is often the case, smaller companies often lack the necessary resources needed to protect themselves and their clients. This is due to most solutions being expensive, technical and only aimed at large enterprises.

Introducing ARX Alliance

We are a UK based cyber security company which address the growing issue of cyber risk across the entire supply chain. ARX allows companies to understand and monitor their own cyber security whilst providing a visual representation of the cyber health through a company’s entire supply chain. Built with the users in mind, ARX takes the complexity out of cyber security by providing understandable, actionable solutions to ensure you are able to identify and remediate risk within your business. We help you understand where risks lie within your business and supply chain and then provide understandable and actionable steps to remediate that risk. This process reduces the risk of cyber breaches which often lead to financial loss, reputational damage and business disruption.


No other company looks at cyber in the same way we do. We take a broader view of the business landscape to create a community of cyber secure companies. Any company is only as strong as the weakest link within their supply chain. ARX builds cyber resilience across the entire supply chain to raise the overall cyber standard. Built with the users in mind, we have taken the complexity out of cyber so the platform can be used by anyone. We want to encourage all companies to become cyber secure which Is why our platform is totally free to new users.


Why have you received this invitation?

Creating a network creates a community. As a valued supplier, one of your partners has taken the decision to understand and protect themselves and their supply chain from cyber attacks. As a ‘Prime’ user of ARX, your partner has included their suppliers onto the ARX platform details so they can gain an understanding of;

  • 1.What their supply chain looks like from a visual perspective on an interactive map
  • 2.Which suppliers are most critical and represent a greater risk in the event of a cyber breach
  • 3.Which suppliers are cyber secure and which suppliers need some work to become more secure
  • 4.Consolidate all suppliers and supplier information into an easy-to-use platform

A community approach

Since companies are becoming more interdependent on each other, all companies within a supply chain must take the responsibility to protect themselves and their stakeholders from IT attacks. Your partner would like to understand your approach to cyber security. This is because the more secure you are, the more secure they are.

What is the value to you?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of ARX


1. An overview of your cyber posture

At its most basic, ARX will provide you with an up-to-date overview of your cyber exposure – much like an MOT or credit score. The platform will give you a ‘risk score’ and highlight which areas are good and which areas could be improved. The score is generated by answering a variety of questions about your current cyber standards and procedures. There is also the option to run a ‘non-intrusive’ internal scan. This will check your network for any past or present breaches and let you know if there could be any cracks in your current cyber security.


2. Provide an overview of your compliance and controls

legislation, compliance and standards such as ISO, GDPR and NIS cyber security framework etc, are always changing and being updated. ARX continuously monitors these standards and ensures that you are legally compliant with necessary standards and recommended best practices making sure that potential fines for non-compliance are avoided. You will also be able to benchmark your risk score against industry standards and best practises. Through a variety of remediation and recommendation steps, you can become more compliant and improve your overall cyber security by making incremental changes over time.


3. Allow you to provide proof of compliance and security

As part of the due diligence process, many up-stream customers and clients will require you to provide proof of compliance and standards. This is often done through a variation of for completion, data submission and/or online questionnaires and tests. With ARX you can easily provide proof of compliance to upstream partners through the platform. Requiring you to only fill out questionnaires and assessments once saves you time and money by reducing admin. Have all of your policies and documentation accessible from one secure central repository.


4. Supply chain visibility and situational awareness

Upload your supplier details to understand what your supply chain looks like from a visual perspective. Gain situational awareness though your supply chain using the interactive dashboard maps which show both suppliers and supply chains. Filter selection allows you to understand which suppliers are most critical to your business to see which suppliers may pose a potential risk due to their cyber standards and policies. Gain deeper insights by sending questionnaires and running non-intrusive and intrusive scans.

A further list of benefits of joining the ARX platform

  • A single source of truth for managing security vulnerabilities together with specifying remediation actions for identified issues
  • A central place for managing suppliers and associated supply chains
  • A central place for storing cyber security policies with versioning capabilities and changes tracking ability
  • Become part of a cyber-secure alliance ensuring transparency and clear communication

What happens next?

In the coming days, you will receive a formal invitation to join ARX through your partner. The invitation will contain a unique link allowing you to create your own free account on the ARX platform. Once you have created your own account, you will be directed to an ‘onboarding assessment’ sent from your partner. This will contain a variety of questions which will help both your partner and yourself understand your current cyber exposure. Once you complete this questionnaire, the platform will generate your unique live risk score.

Once you have completed the assessment, you will be able to navigate and customise your platform. You will begin to understand your current cyber exposure and see which areas of your business are considered ‘cyber secure’ and which areas need improving’ Over time, ARX will assist you in making incremental changes to improve your cyber score.

Frequently asked questions

ARX is free to join, you will start extracting value from the platform at no cost. If you wish to upgrade to access more features and functionality, you will be able to subscribe to either Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription.

ARX is a cloud-hosted platform. You will not be required to download anything.

ARX has been developed as a tool that ‘takes the complexity out of cyber security’. We want every user to be able to understand what you are doing.
Continual enhancements of the ARX application strives to make it increasingly more intuitive. All the technical information and data that is being collected is readily accessible by its owner. Ultimately, the platform is as technical as you want it to be.

Absolutely. The more users on the platform, the more benefit for everyone. The first step to improving your cyber security is by gaining an understanding of your business ecosystem. Having the ability to see your suppliers on an interactive map and understand how they compare to basic security baselines allows you to start making cyber and risk-based decisions.

The ARX team are here to help with any questions or queries you may have. We understand that taking on cyber security can be a daunting challenge so we will be here every step of the way to make sure you get most out of the ARX platform.

Any further questions?

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