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Arxall software

One small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds. Don't become a statistic.

Cyber security doesn’t have to be a complex solution or an expensive gadget. ARX supports every user to become better protected and more secure. By making small continual improvements, you too can become cyber secure with ARX Alliance.

  • 63% Of SME’s experienced a data breach in the last 12 months
  • 60% Of SME who are hacked go out of business within 6 months
  • 45% Of SME’s are not compliant with GDPR
  • 43% Of all cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses

Understand your cyber

Gain visual insight into your cyber strengths and weaknesses through a variety of widgets and dashboards

Prioritise and remediate

Identify and prioritise the vulnerabilities which pose the biggest threat to your company

Share assessments with
upstream partners

Quickly and easily illustrate your cyber competency by sharing scores and assessments to upstream partners

Implement controls
based identified risks

Understand where the gaps are in your security. Make use of suggested remediation controls to become more secure

Install credibility to win
more business

Win more contracts and gain customer confidence by showcasing a willingness to become cyber secure

Comply with industry

Work to industry standards and best practises such as GDPR, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials

ARX is much more than a platform.
It’s a collaborative journey.

While traditional cyber security solutions exclusively serve large enterprises, the ARX alliance is designed to help organisations of all sizes, and at all stages of growth. SMEs are the backbone of the economy, and our service provides the support and tools needed for you to succeed, whatever your organisation does, and whatever your size.

Start by addressing the basics. By completing our self-assessment checklists, designed around industry best-practices, you’ll be able to understand your current level of cyber competency, and also where you can improve. Use the ARX checklists to ensure you cover the essential standards, best practises and controls.

  • Quickly go from Novice to Expert
  • Understand which areas need improving
  • Understand cyber security in jargon-free language
Arxall software

Make use of recommended remediation advice and suggested tips to improve your assessment scores. Gradually increase your cyber score and fortify your network by following step-by-step guidance from ARX. Discover the gaps in your infrastructure and secure your IT assets through regular scans and vulnerability reports.

  • Make continual improvements to strengthen security
  • Make use of recommended best practises and controls
  • Comply with standards such as GDPR, ISO27001 and Cyber essentials
Arxall software

Track and monitor your cyber security risk score in real-time, whilst improving your security profile. Become proactive and remain one step ahead of cyber criminals, with live updates and alerts. Showcase your progress to upstream partners and downstream suppliers by demonstrating continual improvements. The more secure you are, the more secure they are.

  • Live security score updates
  • Showcase your security and install credibility
  • Move through the stages and track your performance
Arxall software

Assessments and questionnaires are a tiresome burden for most companies. With ARX, you can complete assessments once and then share with multiple upstream partners. Allow access to your cyber score to save time and resources responding to repeated questionnaires.

  • Spend less time and resources filling in manual assessments
  • Spend more time on proactive risk management
  • Replace static questionnaires with a scalable and efficient process
Arxall software

Add your own network of suppliers and supply chains to see the cyber health of your ecosystem. Understand which suppliers are cyber secure and which suppliers need attention. Send questionnaires to your suppliers to gather more information and become better protected together.

  • Get a visual understanding of your supply chain
  • Easily pen communication channels with your suppliers
  • Understand which of your suppliers may pose a risk
Arxall software

Why join the Arx Alliance?

Joining ARX is the first step towards becoming more cyber resilient as a supplier. We can help protect your valued clients, and vastly improve your organisation’s cyber security. Moving at your own pace, we will help and support you to understand what needs to be done to improve, and how to do it. We strip out the technical jargon and speak a common language so you can feel confident that you have what it takes to operate a cyber secure company.

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  • Reduce the likelihood of attacks and breaches
  • Showcase security and compliance to win contracts
  • Protect your customers and clients
  • Save time and money on cyber resources
  • Improve your cyber competency
  • Remain compliant with industry standards
  • Become part of a cyber secure network

Take control of your cyber security