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Cyber security for your supply chain

Identify, prioritise and manage cyber risks within your supply chain.
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Arxall software

The threat of a cyber security breach is one of the biggest concerns for businesses today

We take a broader approach to cyber security rather than only focusing on the last line of defence.

  • 60% of cyber attacks now come through the supply chain
  • £2.9 million is the average cost of a cyber breach
  • 88% of companies suffered a cyber breach in the past 12 months
  • 206 days is the average time to identify a breach
  • Is your company cyber compliant?

    See how you and your suppliers compare to industry standards.

    Create and implement your own internal and external standards and compliance.

  • How many suppliers are in your eco-system?

    Consolidate and visualise all suppliers throughout your supply chains.

    Understand which suppliers are most critical and their potential risk exposure.

  • How many assets does your company rely on?

    Log, scan and monitor all the assets within your company.

    Assign owners and set scheduled scans to ensure that all assets are water tight.

  • What vulnerabilities does your organisation face?

    Manage risks within a customised risk register.

    Log risks and provide accompanying remediation solutions.

In today’s digitally dependent world, supply chains are becoming longer and more complex. ARX provides you with the visibility you need to stay secure.

Develop a clear picture of your end-to-end supply chain to quickly see which suppliers are cyber secure, and which suppliers require attention. Understand the geography of your supply chain and use live risk scores to prioritise risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Supply chain mapping with multi-tier views
  • A visual representation of your end-to-end supply chain
  • Filter suppliers based on risk level and impact
Arxall software

There is no silver bullet for cyber security, it is a process – not a solution. Securing your company requires a unified approach, clear understanding and comprehensive strategy.

Continuously monitor your suppliers and supply chains to identify, prioritise and remediate risks. Assign dependency weightings to each supplier to ensure that your most critical suppliers are prioritised. Get notified on updated risk scores to ensure you remain one step ahead.

  • Live supplier risk scores
  • Real-time updates when supplier risk scores change
  • Track cyber changes in your ecosystem
Arxall software

Stop relying on point-in-time based questionnaires. Streamline, accelerate and automate your assessment approach for supplier onboarding, procurement and assessing. Make use of industry mapped questionnaires including ISO7001, NIST and GDPR. Create custom questionnaires to gain further insight into your suppliers and supply chains.

  • Pre-built industry-standard questionnaires
  • Create custom questionnaires with weighted answers
  • Create campaigns with auto-updates
Arxall software

Examine your architecture. In the digital age, data is key and forms the fundamental framework for your company.

Develop a clear picture of the key assets you have, where they are located, who has access to them and which are most critical. Our proprietary scanner allows you to assess and monitor your internal and external assets. Ensure your IT is watertight by setting scheduled scans and make use of remediation recommendations to enhance your security.

  • Scan internal and external assets
  • Choose from various levels of scanning
  • Schedule scans on essential assets
Arxall software

Did you know?

  • 54% of CISO’s say they lack visibility for protection
  • Cyber breaches up 300% post-Covid-19
  • Only 2% of companies monitor in real-time

Why choose Arx?

Securing your company boils down to one thing – identifying internal and external risks early.

We are lifting the veil on cyber security. Unlike other cyber security solutions, we are not offering a complex gadget that claims to answer all your problems with the click of a button. Our approach gives you the understanding you need to make informed decisions to protect your company and your network.

Through a systematic step-by-step process, you can continually identify, prioritise and remediate risks and vulnerabilities to ensure your company is operating in a cyber secure environment.

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ARX provides your company with a suite of tools

  • Visibility of the organisation’s attack surfaces
  • Efficient control of cyber policies and standards
  • Central place for managing standards and controls
  • Continuous monitoring of all touch points
  • Situational awareness for all tiers of supply chain
  • Risk scored suppliers to highlight weak links

Reduce your cyber spend and save time with one central repository

  • Supplier

  • Security

  • Remediation

  • Storing
    Cyber Policies

  • Compliance

Joining the ARX Alliance. As easy as 1, 2, done

Step 1

Company review

We work together to review your companies ‘must-have’ security requirements for your suppliers

These can be a combination of mandated in-house security policies and procedures, plus recognised national and international security standards

Your ARX platform is then calibrated so that all the relevant security controls are continuously monitored and analysed

Step 2

Create your alliance

The ARX team will assist you with onboarding your entire supply chain and then send a mass sign-up instruction with a simple ‘opt-in’ requirement. ​

Suppliers will be guided through a streamlined version of the corporate user onboarding as ARX has already established the security baseline.


Understand risk within your supply chain

The ARX system will continually monitor potential threats and vulnerabilities based on live information collected from your organisation and supplier network.

The ARX system will provide your entire network with up to the minute reporting on the health of the ecosystem and areas that need attention or that are falling below the security baseline.

Prevention rather than cure

ARX is a vitamin, not a painkiller and we believe that prevention is better than cure. Become proactive rather than reactive and provide your team with the tools they need to ensure your business stays one step ahead

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